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Club Ride- February 1st, 2003

On February 1st the Polar Bears Snowmobile Club assembled behind MacDonald's Restaurant for the second Club Ride of the season. There were 13 of us on the ride. The destination was Buckfield High School for a spaghetti dinner to benefit the Pine Tree Camp for Handicapped Children & Adults. This fundraiser, sponsored by the Buckfield Streaked Mountaineers Snowmobile Club, is held annually and draws hundreds of sledders.


Ron Russell, our leader by default (no one else was willing to take the job), appears to be directing traffic as the ride participants assemble.


Rob and Louanne Cameron and Buddy Bouchard arrive.


Gordon and Linda Phillips arrive looking ready to roll!


We're all standing around ... guess we're ready to hit the trails.


But wait ... where did Buddy put his keys?


It was smooth riding and our leader was doing a great job while we were on the Polar Bears trail system. All that changed, however, at our first intersection below Shag Pond. We took a right, instead of a left, and 3 or 4 miles later we stopped for a trail-side conference somewhere in Woodstock? or was it Sumner? The age-old lament of snowmobilers was heard frequently from the group: Where are the signs?!?!?!


Chris Dickson's thoughts at this moment: "Boy, club rides are lot more
relaxing when you're not the leader."


As we get closer to Buckfield, the trails become more challenging (bumpy!), most probably due to the high volume of traffic from sledders attending the event. Our Trail Master, Gordon Phillips assesses the situation, and he's probably thinking: "Look at all those moguls! Who's been spinning their tracks?!?!


In spite of (or perhaps because of) the bumpy trails and misdirection, Linda Phillips and Tim Mack, along with the rest of us, manage to laugh and enjoy the ride.


When we arrive at the high school in Buckfield around 12:30, we're impressed with the number of snowmobiles already there.
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Even though there are a large number of people, the Buckfield Club has things well organized, and in no time we're settling down with our meals. Rob and Bob must be very hungry, because they appear to be really focused on their food. Louanne, on the other hand, seems to be saying to Louise, "I told you not to take my picture when I'm eating!"


The tables are turned as Louise gets caught on camera by Bruce Eastman.


Louise's husband, Bob, manages to pry the camera away from her long enough to get this shot.


Back on the trail again after a great spaghetti feed, a minor break-down occurs. Ron's drive belt needs to be changed. It's a one-man job, but lots of "helpful" kibitzing is offered up by Ron's fellow travelers. In 5 minutes the belt was changed and we're on our way home.


We took a different route to get home and we passed through the Peru trail system. Their trails were in great shape! The smiles on the faces of the Three Ls (Louise, Louanne, and Linda) attest to the smooth riding .....which was greatly appreciated!


Even though we didn't have sunshine for this club ride, the group had a great time! We're all looking forward to the Family Field Day on March 1st.
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Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club
President - Ron E. Russell
Treasurer - Bob Stickney
Vice President - John Blais
Secretary - Louise Stickney
Trail Masters - Tom Reed & Gene Knox

Email: info@snowmobilerumford.com
Phone: (207) 364-3848
Meeting Location: Sam's Restaurant
Time: 7:00pm
Date: 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month, September through April
2nd Thursday of the month, May through August


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