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October 29 & 30, 2008
10/29/08 - Shortly after lunch, Gil Bolduc's crew arrived to begin the installation of the standing seam metal roof.  Gil gave the Polar Bears a big donation:  all we had to pay for was the cost of materials!  Thank you so much Gil and Rita Bolduc for your very generous gift!
The first task in putting on the roof is to bend the metal roofing material to cover the fascia boards on the eaves.

Here, Gil's four-man crew uses a special device called a

brake to form the metal to the exact shape of the fascia boards.

This is how the metal looks in place - a neat job!
After the fascia boards are covered, the roofing panels are prepared.

A machine inside the truck crimps

both edges of a panel and feeds

out the required length.

Electric tin snips are used to cut

down the length of panels when

a narrower width is needed.

The eaves are trimmed, the ice and water shield is on, the

ladder staging is in place:  all is ready for the roof to go on!

Here comes the first panel to go up.

Gil Bolduc (right) stops by

to check on the progress.


The standing seam roof is attached to

the roof sheathing by metal clips which

are nailed in place every foot or so

along the upright edge of a panel. Then

the upright edge of the next panel is

butted up against the previous panel, sandwiching the metal clips between

the two panels.

The two upright edges are then folded over together. The folding begins at the bottom edge of the roof using a hand-

held crimper.  Then an electric

machine crimper is attached to the

seam and "walks" its way up the roof, crimping as it goes.

As work progresses on the east side of the roof, Bob

Stickney (center) lends a hand moving the staging.

By 4 o'clock, quitting time, just about half of the east roof is done.
10/30/08 - Gil Bolduc's crew was on site by 7:30 a.m.  The first order of business was to brush the overnight dusting of snow off the roof!
By 9:30, the east roof was done ...

... and it was time for a coffee break!  Gil, far left, showed up

with coffee and muffins for his crew.

After their coffee break, the guys started work on the west roof.
Panels prepared .... and ready to go up.
By mid-afternoon, the last roof panel on the west roof was was ready to go on.

Rumford Town Manager Len Greaney stopped by to check on

the progress.  He and Bob Stickney lift the last panel up to the roof.

Meanwhile, Gene Knox and Louise Stickney are busy

inside the garage cutting the Cobra vent material to size.

The Cobra vent will be place inside the

ridge vent to keep out insects and snow.


By 3 o'clock the roof is done!  And doesn't it look great,

thanks to Gill Bolduc and his crew!

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