Landowners in Maine have a tradition of allowing public recreation on private land. Rumford landowners are no exception. All of the Polar Bears Snowmobile trails are on privately owned land and we are fortunate to have a cordial and trusting relationship with local landowners.

Access to private land is a privilege, not a right. It is critical that we respect the property that we are privileged to use. That means staying on marked trails, not littering, and keeping noise levels down when passing near residences. We need to remember that our actions affect everyone who wants to use private land for recreation.

The Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club wishes to express its thanks to the gracious landowners who allow us to ride on their property. Without their generosity, the Rumford snowmobile trail system would not exist!

A&B Equipment

A&B Forestry

Walter Abbott et als

Christine Abbott

David & Frederick Ahern

Richard Albert

Vicki Amoroso

John & Bonnie Ansbro

Apostolic Church of Rumford

Estate of Donald Barker

George & Nancy Barker

Mike & Heidi Bean

Chris Bean

James Bennett

Bernard, Olin

Olin & Dorina Bernard

Burt Bertram

Birtles Family Trust

Black Mountain of Maine

James Blaisdell

Paul & Lisette Bolduc

Alan Bradford

Wendall Broomhall

Jeffrey Bryant

Elliott & Barbara Burns

Benjamin & Samantha Byam

Robbie & Louanne Cameron

Dennis & Wendy Carey

Edgar Carrier

Richard & Karen Carter

Gary M. Casey

Central Maine Power Company

Chadbourne Tree Farms, LLC

Cissel Enterprises, LLC

David Cogley

William Coolidge

Mark Cote

Burtram Davis

Jeff & Pam Davis

Karen J. Delekto

Shawn Demenkow

James Doherty

Randy Doiron

Helen Dolloff

Brian Donahue

Denis Dufour

Linda Dyer

Wendall Easter

Leslie Ann Ellis

John English Jr.

Douglas Farwell

Federated Realty Five, LLC

Patricia Flaherty

Douglas Foster

William French et als

Gay Gamage

Adam Gammon

Franklin Gammon

Garry A. Gammon

Stacy Gammon

Pierce Gardner

Andy Gestaut

David Glover Sr.

Christine Gorham

Bonnie Gould

Scott Graupner

Leonard & Mary Greaney

Kenneth & Walter Gurschick

Harry & Christine Hall

Marie Anne Hanson et als

Helen Industries, Inc.

Hemlock Holdings, LLC

Francis Herbert

Natash Hodson

Ernest & Kathleen Holtzman

Donald Hopkins

Chris Howe

Tom Hoyt

Earl Hurley

Robert Hutchins

Earl Hutchins

Jeffrey Irish

Timothy Johnson

Michael Kenney

Leo & Frances Kersey

Dan & Julie Kiley

David & Ann Kimball

Jim & Nancy Knight

Gene & Penny Knox

Joyce Ladd

Richard Leeber

June Lemay

Roger & Joan Lemieux

Virginia Lindberg

Bob , Bruce, & Richard Linkletter

Daniel Long

Marshall Longway

Ken & Sally MacFawn

Mahoosuc Land Trust

Chris & Carey Marchi

Kimball Martin

John Martin Devisees

Joseph Edward Martin III

Michael Matthews

Asa Maynard

Jeff & Beth Mayo

David & Jay McCrum

Patricia McDonald

Donald McPherson

Paul Meredith

Mike & Laurie Milledge

Robert Milledge

Roland Milligan

O'Neil T. Mills

Sterling & Irene Mills

RSU 10

Douglas Nicols & Donna Jenkins

Robert Nisbet

Sandra Nisbet

Richard & Debbie Nokes

Brandon D. Noyes

NYNEX/New England

Peter Oberman

Bob & Carol Parise

John & Jane Payne

Norman & Melissa Pelletier

Clayton Pelletier

Joseph & Barbara Pelletier

Mike & Diane Perry

Nancy Peters

Jane Peterson

Jim & Marylou Peterson

Ernest & Pearl Phillips

Gordon & Linda Phillips

Phillips Realty Enterprises

Bruce Plante

Kenneth Poland

Lloyd L. Poland

Jim Powers

Joseph Puiia Jr., Trustee

Thomas Puiia

Doris Putnam

Stephen Putnam

Sharon & Timothy Ralph

David Ranta

Thomas & Janice Reed

David & Leslie Rhodes

Annie Richard

Mark Richard

Robert Richard

Annie Richard

Ripley & Fletcher, Inc.

R.E. Roderick, Trustee

RonRum Realty, LLC

Nicholas Rossi

Mark Roth

Route 108, LLC

Bernice Rowley

Rumford Falls Hydro LLC

Rumford Paper Company

Rumford Power, Inc.

Rumford Water District

SBA Properties, Inc.

Clayton & Pauline Sargent

Keith & Penny Savage

Edward & Dawn Shortt

Roger Simard

Robert Simocko

Amy Smith

Jeff Souza

State of Maine

Bob & Louise Stickney

Estate of Robert Swain

Steve Swasey

Joseph Tate, Jr.

The Napoli Group, LLC

The Nature Conservancy

Robert & Sandra Theriault

Charles Thornton

Ruth Thornton

Sheridan Thornton

Thornton Farms, Inc.

Glendon Thurston

Andrew Todd

Tammie Jean Trimble

Town of Rumford

Terrence Tully

Twin Town Rendering Co. Inc.

Roger Viger et als

Roger Viger Jr.

Wagner Forest Management

Anthony James Watson

Shannon Welch

William Weston

Paul & Anne White

William White

Dennis Wilson

Douglas Wood

Alvin Yates

Randall & Vickie Young

Mickey Yurkevicz

Phillip H. Zinck

Landowner Protection Law in Maine
Maine has a strong law that protects landowners who open their property for
recreational use. For more information on this topic see the Maine Landowner Relations website.

Landowner Appreciation Dinners

Each year the Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club holds their annual Landowner Appreciation Dinner.  This is an opportunity for the Club to express its thanks to the many Rumford landowners for allowing us to use their land.

To read about and to see pictures of past dinners, click on the links below.

2004 Landowner Appreciation Dinner

2003 Landowner Appreciation Dinner

2002 Landowner Appreciation Dinner



Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club
President - Ron E. Russell
Treasurer - Bob Stickney
Vice President - John Blais
Secretary - Louise Stickney
Trail Masters - Tom Reed & Gene Knox

Phone: (207) 364-3848
Meeting Location: Sam's Restaurant
Time: 7:00pm
Date: 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month, September through April
2nd Thursday of the month, May through August


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