2004 Landowner Appreciation Dinner

This year, the dinner was held on Thursday, November 4, 2004, at the Rumford Eagles Hall.  We were so pleased to have 90 landowners and club members attend.  Click here for more photos.

As you ride the trails this winter, please keep in mind that you are riding on private property which has been graciously opened to us for our snowmobiling pleasure.  In order to keep this privilege, we need to be respectful of the land on which we ride:  stay on the marked trails and carry out all litter.


2003 Landowner Appreciation Dinner


On October 30, 2003, the Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club hosted a special evening to recognize area landowners.  If it were not for the generosity of these landowners, our trail system would not exist.  We can't thank them enough for allowing us to snowmobile on their land!

Ron Russell greets arriving guests

Click here to read the story and to see more photos.

2002 Landowner Appreciation Dinner

The Rumford Polar Bears Snowmobile Club held their annual Landowner Appreciation Dinner on November 7, 2002, at the Eagles Club. With 88 landowners and club members present, this was the most well-attended appreciation dinner to date.

Our gracious Landowners from 2002!

Prior to the 6:30 dinner, guests had an opportunity to view a video on snowmobile safety and to visit the Polar Bears booth which featured trail maps and pamphlets on snowmobiling and landowner relations.

Following the dinner, Shawn Theriault, a Maine Game Warden, echoed the sentiments of the Polar Bears Snowmobile Club when he thanked the landowners for keeping their lands open for recreational purposes. He also commended the club for its responsible use of the trails. He said that it is this cooperation between recreational users and land owners that allows the public to continue the Maine tradition of recreating on private property. Theriault also spoke about the limited resources of the Warden Service and asked for help from snowmobile and ATV users to report abuses that they observe on the trails.

Head Table at the Landowner Appreciation Dinner Maine Game Warden Shawn Theriault (4th from right) and Maine humorist David Kimball (5th from right).

After Theriault's presentation, David Kimball, a Maine storyteller, generated much laughter with his homespun humor. He provided a light note for the conclusion of an enjoyable evening.




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