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The Tucker and drag ... at home at last!
1/6/09 - After the Christmas and New Year holidays, Ken MacFawn came to run the electrical cable to the top of our electric pole.  Once this was done we had to wait for CMP to come and connect from our pole to their line on the other side of Route 2.

That's Ken MacFawn on the ladder. On the ground (L toR) are

Sam Stickney, Club President Ron Russell, and Bob Stickney

With the cable in the box, we're now ready for CMP to

install the meter and connect us to the

electric line, then we'll have power - yeah!!!

We send another "thank you" to Ken for once again volunteering his time and expertise to get us hooked up to the grid!
January & February 2009  - With power available, we now need to run the wire from the electric panel to outlets, switches, and lights.  Bob Stickney, Chris Dickson, Gene Knox, and Fern Dumoulin all helped in this endeavor.


Bob runs wire



Chris and Gene prepare the overhead door for operation with electricity.

March - September 2009

With the bulk of the work done, the volunteer builders took time off to work on their own projects, so there were not many changes during this time period. 

We received a great donation from Club member Bruce Eastman of four metal halide lights.  Ron Russell, Gene Knox, and Chris Dickson undertook the effort of getting them temporarily installed.  These lights take a while to come on, so John Blais let us borrow two fluorescent light strips which come on quickly.

Thanks to Bruce Eastman for the donation of these lights!


The next big effort was to get the concrete floor poured, but before we could do that, several tasks needed to be completed.  Since the decision was made not do do radient heat in the floor, we needed to add two more inches of insulation on the inside of the concrete walls, bring in two inches of gravel, and compact the gravel. Also, we had to install the floor drain and the plumbing for our future rest room.

John Blais shovels down to the sewer pipe which we had put in back in the summer of 2008. We need to extend the pipe to come out near the wall.  Note the pieces of insulation on the ground in the background.  John cut these piece to size and Louise Stickney glued them around the perimeter of the garage.




Bob Stickney uses his theodolite to check the elevation of the dirt floor.




Sam Stickney prepares to add on to the pipe which will lead from the drainage trench to a dry well outside.

Thanks to Club member Steve Lizotte, who is a plumber by trade, for volunteering his time to install the plumbing fitting for our future bathroom.  Steve was here a year earlier when we were trying to decide where to put the sewer line.

Steve Lizotte cements PVC sections together.

Steve cuts PVC pipe while Gene Knox assembles a portion of the floor drain.

Sam Stickney has a cheering section as he drives the

rebar to anchor the first section of the floor drain.

Pictured, left to right, Bob Stickney, Sam, Gene Knox, and Glenn Belanger.

Bob makes sure we get the drain at the right level.


Installing the drainage proved to be quite a challenge and it took a couple of days to complete the job.

Ivan Arsenault, Gene Knox, Fern Dumoulin and Bob Stickney discuss how

much gravel we'll need to bring in.  That's Gene's tractor in the

background ready to do the work.  We missed getting photos of Gene and Fern

getting the gravel in and leveling and compacting it. 



With the drain hooked up on the inside of the building, we now need to extend the pipe on the outside of the building.  Gene Knox took on this task.



Gene marks the wall to located where the drain pipe exits the building


Gene secures a cap on the end of the drain pipe.  The foam board

will cover the pipe to protect it from freezing.

Gene fills in the trench to complete the job. Nice work Gene!
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Secretary - Louise Stickney
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